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Mariela Mociulsky CEO of Trendsity participated on September 6 in a virtual event organized by Clarín on “The world that comes, keys to the future: EATING AT HOME together with prominent exhibitors from companies such as Rappi, Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes, Cocinar en Casa and Kitchenita. The pandemic determined new trends in this regard, new habits, more indulgence, more environmental awareness and companies had to adapt.


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So far in 2021 they have surveyed more than 15,000 public opinion polls throughout the country with their Field and CATI teams. They rigorously managed the appropriate methodology for each study, thus obtaining the information their clients need based on quality and the ESOMAR code of conduct. They are trained to face any challenge that comes their way.


It has teams of qualified and committed local surveyors who cover Buenos Aires and the interior of the province, La Pampa, Neuquén, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego with affordable prices and high quality in the projects it carries out.

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Co-organized the TALKIN 2021 event together with APEIM, ACEI, AIM, AMAI market research associations from Peru, Colombia, Chile and Mexico respectively. ANDA Peru was also part of the organizing committee. The event was held virtually, through the ON24 platform powered by ESOMAR on August 25 and 26 and registered more than 2,000 attendees each day.


Has more than 20 years of experience in various methodologies, and industries.
Develops qualitative projects, on online platforms, virtual communities, in-depth interviews, ethnographic and recruitment.
In Product test on line, solve logistics, controls and quality, innovating to have a safe and effective field. They are a partner in your business.


Is adapting to the new normal, and it's already working 100% remotely. Therefore, he has left his historic office on Sarmiento Street. The telephone number was no longer 4867-3773 and was replaced by 15-3180-1947. The mail: smr@sipered.com.

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Ximena Díaz Alarcón, cofounder of Youniversal and Academic Director of the Executive Program "Customer-Centered Business" at Universidad Di Tella, presented the latest "Experience Trends Report" to a regional audience of professionals from leading companies.

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