Mariela Mociulksy, CEO of the company will be a speaker in the third edition of the cycle of talks of the Córdoba Cereal Exchange “People as agents of change”, on April 15 at 2:00 pm at the Quorum Córdoba Hotel. #change's agents. More info:


The consultants Grupo de Opinión Pública and TresPuntoZero are developing the Middle Class Thermometer, a qualitative and quantitative study that systematically analyzes the components that determine membership and identification.


Continuing with its expansion strategy, INTERMARKET Research & Insights reached 15 coverage countries during Q1 2020. In this way, it consolidates its “Glocal” strategy to provide qualitative and quantitative solutions to its clients throughout Latam.


Integrates market research, public opinion and Big Data to create Marketing, Political Analysis and Corporate Reputation strategies. The agency, which is part of the Untold_ regional network, carried out in 2019 the National Youth Survey for the Ministry of Health and Social Development, which previously collected 3,730 testimonies.


If GPS is essential in your day-to-day, as a researcher you will be interested to know that TESI offers a new service for massive downloading of OpenStreetMap maps at maximum speed to its MobiNet software. For online inquiries and reports, Tesi manages the individualized use of the Google Maps API Key, at minimal cost.


The consultancy starts 2020 with multiple research projects and strategic planning. They highlight developments aligned to the new paradigm of well-being and the construction of a new analysis model that goes beyond traditional social listening. You can find out by requesting a fun and rich demo at


Ximena Díaz Alarcón, Founder of YOUNIVERSAL was invited by Facebook to share with the Latam business community the latest consumer, branding and communication trends for 2020.


Through its tool for conducting online surveys by capturing the interviewee on social networks, it is helping agencies throughout Latin America to improve the costs and times of their qualitative studies. It has scope for Online studies in any city or town in Latin America


Given the demand in different projects that required it, SMR has developed and implemented the option of being able to take and / or upload photos associated with questions for their online questionnaires. This new tool strongly strengthens your SIPEweb system.


Offers Online Surveys with Capture of Interviewees by Social Networks and Internet in Latin America and Spain. From targets with high market penetration to niche targets with low penetration. Samples by region, country, city, small towns. Accurate segmentations with information and techniques provided by Big Data


It is a regional consultancy specialized in electoral campaign strategy, public opinion research, direct and digital communication, standing out as an agency of Facebook and Google. It is characterized by the comprehensive attention it provides to the client and the warmth of the work team. He has just turned twelve years on the market and wants to thank him for the trust he has placed in us.

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