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Presented the results of a study on the digital transformation of SMEs and how they are going through the pandemic, together with Mercado Libre at a press event held via Zoom. The results are available for consultation, click here


Its philosophy is to accompany its clients by providing knowledge, commitment and dedication; providing comprehensive field in all Latam, qualitative and quantitative, face-to-face and telephone. Its fundamental pillars: a 16-year professional career and rigorous data collection, which enable its clients to reach accurate and precise conclusions. Their surveys represent the voice of the citizen and a deep understanding of the consumer.


It has a work team that develops joint growth strategies that go beyond the punctual completion of a job. Try to be a strategic partner of companies that trust their services. More info: Link  


Wonder and Navarro Research carry out a monthly tracking with an omnibus survey in times of pandemic. The questionnaire addresses various dimensions such as consumption, changes in habits, emotionality, use of time, expectations and socio-political climate. Queries: Link   Link 


A Panel with ten years of experience providing quality online samples in Argentina and the region, offering very competitive prices in pesos. The panel is constantly growing; Today it has 450 thousand active panelists, with updated profiles and a staff of professionals committed to providing quality service, attentive to deadline compliance


To answer specific questions or information needs, it offers a low cost and fast response solution with robust samples (1000 cases), available for Argentina, Chile, Peru and other Latin American countries. Thus, it continues looking for ways to untie "knots" that appear when making business decisions.


The consultant carried out a research  into the emotional state in which the population is after more than 80 days of preventive and compulsory isolation. What are the activities people  would like to resume. You can read and discover the full report here


At Quiddity, they integrate dynamic research methodologies that allow them to adapt to the context to give agile answers, thus helping their clients to make assertive decisions in uncertain times. Info


Being the pioneers, and with more than 5 years of experience in conducting online surveys by capturing the interviewee on social networks, Latam Research continues its expansion in Latin America, helping research agencies to migrate their face-to-face projects and CATI to this new methodology uptake. It has scope for Online studies in any city or town in Latin America.


SMR continues to develop new solutions from home. They have already implemented the possibility of uploading photos to their online questionnaires.



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