Mariela Mociulsky, CEO of the consultancy, was a member of the Panel at the Business of the Future event organized by La Nación last October. “One of the great challenges is to achieve reciprocal mentoring between generations,” Mariela emphasized.


It is the Argentine consultant that best predicted the outcome of the contest between Alberto Fernández and Mauricio Macri. More information:



It will launch on March 9, 2020 the update of the Socio-Demographic data at the Census Radio level, according to the results of the last Permanent Household Survey carried out by INDEC. The data will be delivered as a geographic information layer in KML format, which can be opened in Google Maps.


It was renamed. He changed his name from mori-mn to "miro research". MIRO was born from the idea of being able to look beyond what we see, focus on a new look at research. In full digital era, MIRO continues betting on F2F, convinced that in person they can inquire the interviewee managing to take better insights. Natalia Mori, Head of Field



In May we will perform the next DIMMbates. Soon we will tell you the topic, who will be the DIMMbatientes, the motivator, the place and the date of the meeting.


It continues to grow and expand its horizons. Today embarks on a new stage in strategic alliance with a leading public opinion agency. Verónica Rodríguez Celín will leave her position as director and Santiago Caputo will continue instead. Coordinate will continue with its mark of methodological rigor that printed its 14 years in public opinion and market studies.


The expert teams in sensory studies and product tests are already functioning at Latam level. Trained and trained in high standards and with its own seal of quality. Applying rigorous methodologies such as Central location Testing (virtual reality) and Home use Testing (real-life application).


A dynamic and versatile company, adapted to the urgency of information and response times that the market demands, which turned its first year last August. It offers services for Market Research, Call Center, IVR Campaigns and SMS. Social networks. A team with more than 10 years of experience providing services to national and Latin American clients.


A new year ends and in SMR they wish that during 2020 they continue as before, working side by side with those who trusted, trust and will continue to trust them. Those who have not done so, await them next year. Happy Holidays!!!


Coordinated the #ODS Acceleration Laboratory (sustainable development goals) 16+ with UNDP Argentina and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. With an innovative and experimental methodological development, the mobility and security of the women of the Rodrigo Bueno neighborhood was explored.

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