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Markets are Conversations: the power is getting back to People! Laurent Flores, ESOMAR

It seems that the Internet and now social media have made WOM the focus of attention for marketers, but is it really new, was wom born with the web 2.0?   Yes, it’s true that since the early days of the so called web 2.0 in 2005-2006, there has been a renewed attention and interest toward wom. It all started with “buzz” ...

2019. Once again, crisis. Imageries of a sustainable future.

 “I’m no longer as naïve as I was in 2001. I’m not so gullible.”   (Older Adult Citizen, premium brands consumer, middle class, born Buenos Aires City.)   We Argentineans know, on the most part, what it is like to experience a crisis. We have learnt to build a historic memory based on this experi ...

2019. Crisis otra vez. Imaginarios hacia un futuro sostenible

2019. Un presidente de habla hispana en ESOMAR. Joaquim Bretcha
2019. A spanish - speaking new president at ESOMAR. Joaquim Bretcha

How was it and when was your first approach to ESOMAR?   From the beginning of my career I had contact with Esomar. Initially, by the Congress and its quality of presenters. Subsequently, when I entered the world of market research, due to its guidelines, code of ethics and quality standards that differentiated companies and professional ...

2019. A new presidente at SAIMO

  Mariela Mociulsky assumed the presidency of the institution on May 8 th for a period of two years, after the Assembly unanimously decided to support her nomination. In this interview Mariela tells us the main axes that will guide her management. DIMM: How and when was your first approach to SAIMO? Mariela Mociulsky: My first app ...

2019. Una nueva presidenta en SAIMO

2018. Investigar en clave de género por Paula Magariños y Carolina Steeb, Punctum
2018. Research in the Key of Gender by Paula Magariños and Carolina Steeb, Punctum

The gender issue has taken on increasingly greater relevance in the public opinion. The time for generalizing through male gender words is beginning to be a thing of the past. Gender violence and femicides have become daily topics and numerous stalking cases have come to light. Amidst this movement, involving legal, social, and economic framewo ...

2018. First steps, julio Aurelio

Did you know since the beginning of your college studies that you wanted to orient your profession towards the investigation of public opinion, or how did it happen?   Julio Aurelio: At the beginning of my studies I did not know this, because public opinion did not have the status of an area of research or a specific field of research, a ...

2018. Primeros Pasos: Julio Aurelio (1942 -2020)

2018. En casa de herrero, ¿cuchillo de palo? por Alex Garnica ARIA,  Niels Schillewaert ESOMAR,  Urpi Torrado APEIM,  Gonzalo Roqué SAIMO,  Juan Manuel Primbas CEIM,  Leandro Izquierdo ACEI
2018. At home blacksmith, wooden knife? by Alex Garnica ARIA, Niels Schillewaert ESOMAR, Urpi Torrado APEIM, Gonzalo Roque SAIMO, Juan Manuel Primbas CEIM, Leandro Izquierdo ACEI

D.I.M.M.  contacted references from the region to consult them about a recurring theme in our industry: why research agencies, which advise their clients on marketing issues, do not deal with the same effort in the marketing of their own brands or products.   Alex Garnica Executive Director ARIA   I think that the ...

2017. Yes, Galileo, yes, it´s moving. The Tech effect in Market Research

We tend to overestimate the effect of technology in the short term and to undervalue it in the long term…..technology and digitization impact market research. Some applications may just seem to be a trend, lots of talk but then nothing. Indeed, some of them are but in the midterm, they will be dominant Fictional or not, the famous Lat ...

2017. Si, Galileo, sí, esto se mueve por Joaquim Bretcha, Netquest

2017. El rol de las asociaciones en cada país de la región
2017. The role of associations in each country of the region

We share with you the opinions of the referents of the different chambers of the region in relation to the role of the local associations or chambers in each country and in the region. Julio Fresno Aparicio from CEIM Argentina, Valeria Cox from AIM Chile, Leandro Izquierdo from ACEI Colombia and Urpi Torrado from APEIM Perú.   Urp ...

2017. The new consumer language: between hieroglyphics and the remix culture by Adrian Kohan, Gentedemente

  Everybody fears reaching that moment in life where we start repeating what our grandparents (and even parents) said when we became teenagers: “I don’t understand a single word of what you just said”. After all, it is inevitable that new generations will develop their own slang, a language variation that allows them t ...

2017. El nuevo lenguaje del consumidor: entre el jeroglifico y la cultura del remix por Adrian Kohan, Gentedemente

2017. Nativos Sustentables.  Qué piensan y qu̩é hacen las nuevas generaciones de América Latina por Mariela Mociulsky  y Ximena Diaz Alarcón, Trendsity
2017. Sustainable Natives. What new Latin American generations think and do about sustainability by Mariela Mociulsky and Ximena Diaz Alarcón, Trendsity

Just as new generations naturally engage with technology and are thus called “digital natives,” they also seem to perceive and engage with the concept of sustainability in a different way. Could we be witnessing the emergence of a new profile called the “Sustainable Natives”? In our research, we tried to pin down the meaning ...

2017. New Players in our Industry by Julio Fresno Aparicio CEIM Argentina, Andrés Varas AIM Chile, Leandro Izquierdo ACEI Colombia and Urpi Torrado APEIM, Perú.

We now share  the opinions of Julio Fresno Aparicio from CEIM Argentina, of Andrés Varas  from AIM Chile, of Leandro Izquierdo from ACEI Colombia and of Urpi Torrado from APEIM, Peru in relation to the new players that are appearing or could do so and the challenges that arise. We will continue sharing other of the topics consulted ...

2017. Nuevos Players en la Industria por Julio Fresno Aparicio CEIM Argentina, Andrés Varas AIM Chile, Leandro Izquierdo ACEI Colombia y Urpi Torrado APEIM, Perú.

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